Christians – the last time God answered your prayer did you wonder, just for a moment…?

…Why he felt able to make you feel happier, or help you get that job etc – but could not rouse himself to stop that little baby in Africa dying an agonising death from starvation?

Christians don’t seem to understand that you are not asking them to feed all the starving kids; it’s more why God doesn’t answer their prays for a bit of rain or not to have their crops eaten by animals in the night. Yet I’ve read an answer on here saying that god sent two owls to wake them up so they wouldn’t miss a job interview so it seems if you live in the west and have a bit of money then god will do what you want.

To marysia ‘Top Contributor’ (says it all really) who said why did the woman screw around when she knows she can’t afford the child. I hope that was a joke or you are really dumb.
1. High infant mortality rate so a number of their children will die before they get to five years old.
2. Need a large family to help them work their land and feed them when they are old no social care you see
3. A lot of people in Africa are catholic and the idiots in the catholic church refuse to rule that contraceptives are not evil so they don’t use them (also contributes the aids epidemic in Africa, well done to them.)
4. Why should they have to give their children up.

5.: He hears you. But the prayers of the righteous have power. Just because your prayers don’t seem to have power, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pray. Everyone can be forgiven, any number of times. But only if you repent. Even the most evil person on Earth can convert and be saved. Many preachers are converts. 6.A: What do you mean “a new life”? If you want to follow Jesus, it’s all or nothing. Don’t stand at the doorway. 6.B: You must forgive your brother. If you can’t forgive those you consider more evil than yourself, why should God forgive you, since you are so evil in His eyes? He will forgive you if you forgive your brother. 7.: Yes. With an audible voice. Either in a dream, a vision, or in plain reality. Sometimes He can communicate to us with strong feelings. It’s a sense that we feel very strongly. As an example, a Christian may suddenly feel an overwhelming urge to check on a relative they haven’t talked to in years, to find that their relative is about to commit suicide, and the suicide was avoided because of the intervention. Often, the victim or person suffering will pray, and a Christian will feel an overwhelming feeling to contact or help the victim or person suffering. This is a common example of how God answers prayers and communicates with His people. 8.: Mother Theresa isn’t in the Bible. She went to India and other places to help people in need. She was a great person. There is even a movie about her. It might make you cry because it’s a true story and very emotional. Adam was the first human. All humans alive today are descendants of Adam. Jacob was renamed “Israel” by God. Jacob is the ancestor of the physical nation of Israel. 9.: Pray to God. 10.: See #9. You should also spend time with Christians or people that believe in the God of the Bible. Even if you don’t agree with them 100%, it is still good because you can learn from each other and improve. I am what is called a “Messianic or Mashianic Israelite”. This is a Christian Israelite. I am an Ephraimite.

The reason that little baby in Africa died (dies every day) is because of something that no, hasn’t happened in the last few days, or the last century, or is happening because of any one thing you’ve done, or will do. No, it’s because of something that happened at the beginning, right at the very beginning–Adam and Eve fell from grace, the whole of mankind was from there on doomed, and sin came into the world and then death followed. Death is the result of sin. And things have been messed up ever since. And that’s where Jesus comes in. The bible says, “For God did not send His son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world, through Him”.

Ms Minger, did you stop to think that perhaps God answered the prayer for the person to get that job, with the expectation that person with that new income would show compassion and share that new found wealth with that little baby in Africa dying an agonizing death from starvation?

God placed more than enough resources on this planet to meet every one’s needs, but not every one’s greeds….the real reason that little baby in Africa is starving is not because there isn’t enough food to go around, statistically Americans throw away 25% of the food they purchase…it is that America is greedily taking up the resources that the impoverished countries of this world so badly need. Why is it that obesity is becoming a national crisis in America, while people in other countries are starving to death….

Those that prove worthy on earth with little responsibility and power will be rewarded in heaven with great responsibility and power.

So you are saying we should know the mind of God?

The reason for death (whether of an African baby, or an old person) is ultimately because of the sin of Adam and Eve.

God made the world perfect – without sin and death. Adam and Eve sinned and brought God’s curse upon the universe.
We all die, whether as a baby or age 100 makes little difference in some respect.

What matters is what will happen to you in eternity.

So do you think God should come down to feed that child or do you think that selfish/self centred/greedy man should do the job…. He gave us freewill and this is what man does. I have travelled to Third World countries with Humanitarian aid and witnessed the suffering first hand… I thought to myself ‘why don’t all the people in the world with money to spare feed these deprived children’ The answer is because they do not know God…. why is it the Churches of the world that do the majority of aid work in those countries… what do you so called atheists do?
Please give it some real thought… the truth will one day hit you between the eyes… I wonder if you will be ready.
Best wishes, Mike.

The truth is that God does not do anything. God does not make anyone do anything, nor does the Devil. People are responsible for their own actions and fate. There is something called luck, and maybe 1% of what happens to a person in their lives is based on luck, but the other 99% is based on their own will and determination.

God is the abstract. People are the reason for all the ills and benefits that humanity provides.

If God would do anything, I believe he would make the human race extinct, we deserve it after looking at how we treat each other and this planet we call home. We are messy and cruel. We are wasteful and greedy. God would be disappointed in us.

Whose fault is it that the little baby in Africa is dying of starvation??? It certainly isn’t the fault of God, but man. The Western world had enough to stop starvation throughout the world. Yes, we send aid there, but how many of the tyrants who “govern” the African countries let the aid through? Have you not seen a photo of Robert Mugabe stuffing his face, whilst the people of his country starve? That’s just one example – the pattern is repeated throughout the poor countries of the world. So perhaps the question shouldn’t be “Why doesn’t God stop this?” but “Why doesn’t mankind stop this?”

It’s strange that Christians can find no blame for a god who can so easily get water from a stone, turn stones into bread, and turn water into wine.
Could their willingness to look the other way, arise from self-serving motives.—Talk about weak excuses. They not only lack compassion, but they seem to have no shame. Can they really believe that no one can see through their flimsy excuses to see that their rationalization is nothing more than a cowardly cover up ?

Are you truly trying to understand the workings of a deity, remember that God is still a very wrathful God, look at Sodom and Gomorra(sp.) Look at the Plagues. It is not your place to place judgments on God’s decisions. Evil lurks everywhere, it lurks in the form of famine in all countries. Those lucky enough to be taken from this earth are now in the graces of a Superior Kingdom with no restlessness.

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