Due dec 23,when is a good time to have baby shower?

Im due the 23rd of december but I want to be considerate of the holidays and peoples financial situations.I was thinking possibly having the baby shower late october or early november.I will be about 7 months by then.Is this appropriate ?

Yes, have it about 2 months before your due date, I was due Dec 15th and had my shower on Sept 23 last year. You want to make sure your going to be still comfortable to be able to still have a good time. It also gives you enough time to bring all your presents home to organize your nursery and get prepared for your little one. I only had one shower which was co-ed, about 75 people, no kids and we had a blast. I was still walking around feeling up to par. I was so happy I had it early because I went into preterm labor on November 2nd and was on bedrest for about a month, So uncomfortable, because when I was at the hospital due to preterm, I had dilated to 4cm and was 60% enfaced, It sucked to be home bound. Thank God, they were able to stop the contractions and my baby was okay. I ended having her exactly 39 weeks, which was perfect. So yes, I encourage you to have it about 2-3 months before your due date to make sure you have fun, after all it is your special day and you should be showered with gifts, compliments, encouragement, and fun. You never know what to expect. The last month is the worst, you don’t want to wait too long!! Good Luck and hope you enjoy.

I would think November would be good, but probably before Thanksgiving since that is usually when people start Christmas shopping and whatnot.
I was due April 6, 2006 and had my baby shower Janurary 29, 2006. I had it kind of early just because I was a high risk pregnancy and had a feeling I would be delivering early. And it’s a good thing I did because I delivered March 17 2006

Sounds wonderful to me and THANK YOU for being so dang considerate!!! Most people would not have even thought about the money spent on Christmas AND a baby shower. Or you could just wait until December (remember you may go into labor earlier than 40 weeks) and have a baby shower and let them know that the gifts they bring would be for the baby’s first Christmas as well. This way they don’t feel compelled to buy two gifts for the same person. They could even be your gifts for the Holidays!!

I think that is absolutely appropriate and I’m sure your guests will appreciate it! Even mention on your shower invitation that it’s a little early to clear the way for others’ holiday celebrations. Due to a lot of stuff going on just before Halloween, I think the first week of November might be a really good choice.


Late August or late September should be a great time….There aren’t any major holidays or anything in those months….But november would probably be too close to Christmas for your shower due to it being 1 month from Christmas time….

I think anytime in November is appropriate. People want to see you as big as possible LOL! Why are you planning your own baby shower?

That is, actually, the most traditional time to have the shower….around the 7th month. Perfect time, too…..not so hot and not so cold.

Have fun……and congratulations!!

they say 4-8 weeks prior. i was due on jan 7th and my shower was the weekend before thanksgiving.

i would say thats a good idea,congratulations! and good luck.

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