How would you explain that science and medicine is a good thing to a evangelical that believes all new is bad?

My theroy is that the lord gave us free will and intelligence, so it must have been in his plan to invent and discover all of things we did. What is your theory?

Evangelicals believe God is the author of truth. Explain to her that all truth is God’s no matter the source. If it is true, God is the author of it. To ignore God’s truth is insulting to His greatness.

I agree with you that God wanted us to use the gifts and intelligence He gave us in harmony with Him. This person has been poisoned by narrow and rigid thinking and needs to learn that God is infinite and learn to celebrate His infinite wisdom, truth and creativity.

A true evangelical does not beleive that science and medicine are bad. You are confused between evangelicals and fundamentalists.

God is in everything, even science and medicine. You cannot explain or change anything to a closed mind.

Even attempting to explain it to a fanatic is a lost cause . But if they have any sense of self worth and preservation their best bet is to listen when things are happening to them and they really need the medical assistance .

I would suggest ya give them a shot with a nasty but easily treatable disease and then let them make their own choice…

Bascially what I mean is force them to choose between god or medicine… they would choose the medicine

if the “evangelical” believes all new science discoveries are bad then he or she is a loon and i wouldnt pay attention to them anymore. Oh and i am a bible reading, jesus loving christian.

i agree that medicine is good, whoever had the idea. the problem is you might as well save you breath. it’s almost impossible to get people to change their minds once they’ve made it up on these things.

Take your drugs or you’ll die.

[This usually helps if they have a terminal disease that requires daily medication]

Get off the computer.

I am not sure I know anybody that thinks “all new is bad”, whatever that means.

If you don’t like science, amish country is perfect for you!

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