If North Korea attacked another country would China back it up?

I mean, if NK launched a missile at the USA which then attacked back which side would China be on?

Would it step in immediately to stop the conflict or would it let NK get the s**t beaten out of it or would it support NK against America?

No Way

We have overcome the Cold War!

China wants to be friend with US, they are our trading partner,

PLus, NK is a CRAZY Country run by a CRAZYASS LIL KIM!

I think China might help defend NK if it were attacked, but if Korea was the instigator of a conflict against a much stronger country like the US, I GUARANTEE that China would sit on its hands and let NK get wiped off the map.

China would not support North Korea in an act of unprovoked agression.

However they would probably make every effort to broker a peaceful resolution.

BUT if a military conflict occurs on North Korean soil rest assured that they will pull out all stops to keep it from spreading into China. And immediately after hostilities are over they’ll make sure that NK would be made soverign again. And under their thumb.

South Korea and Japan would be North Korea’s first targets in any skirmish, not the USA. Either way, we’re involved. I don’t see China stepping in immediately if it’s a ground conflict, but there’s no staying out if nukes go off that close to home. I don’t even want to speculate further on that scenario…

More likely they would make a deal with the U.S., pretend to move troops into NK to support them, then take it over themselves.

North Korea is a bug to China.

Kim Jong Il , if he keeps things under control, is preferable to a trouble-maker.

If he gets out of control, it is easier for China just to run the place themselves.

i do no longer think of China may be daft adequate to connect N Korea in any attack upon the u . s . a .. After watching panorama final night it particularly is confusing to understand why N Korea could desire to take under consideration a stupid action that could desire to inflame the delicate concern that exists. in the event that they do hit u . s . a . pastimes with a missile i’ve got faith the u . s . a . might respond in form and that i’ve got faith they already have pinpointed components that could desire to be hit as a straight away reaction. N Korea is desperately undesirable and under resourced yet i grew to become into surprised at what share squaddies have been shown to be marching on Parade.

not at this time but China is growing and will soon own America. once they are a world power they will stop nK. and also there is seato against nK

China itself and Taiwan are the only objects I can readily see the PLA defending and fighting for.

Taiwan is a point of potential contention for America and China

China would probably try to stop the conflict. If that was not possible, they would not try to stop a US counter-attack. I don’t think even Kim Jong Il is that crazy, though.

It’s very doubtful China would want to get involved.

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