I’m dating this guy but I think he might be married?

So I went out with this guy I met. We had a really romantic date, he took me on a boat ride, then out for some drinks. My ex-boyfriend saw us together at one point and said something like “Where’s your wife?” The guy told me he doesn’t have a wife and so I thought maybe it was just something my…

No need to ask he is married. You want to know for sure ask him for his home phone number or to go to his house. If he declines making excuses for both he is married.

There are a lot of people who marry their first partner, but there aren’t a lot of those marriages that last. If you’re even THINKING about the idea of experimenting around before you settle down, you should. You’re 20 years old and have only been with one guy, you shouldn’t be thinking about marrying him. You may love him right now, but a few years down the road you’ll realize you made a mistake.

Seriously? How many more people need to tell you he’s married?

Here’s a hint…if a man talks about marrying you after the first date, he’s married already. Married men are great at telling you what you want to hear because they don’t ever have to follow through. They won’t leave the wife.

Let me guess? Were the two days you didn’t hear from him on the weekend?

I’m sure your ex boyfriend is laughing his behind off at you for being gullible to be out with this jerk, even after he warned you in a perfectly reasonable way.

HE’S MARRIED. Let the loser go.

So this was a first date. Why on earth would a guy married or not talk about marriage on a first date. Another thing is if he is married it is very unlikely that he is going to tell you. He is a lying cheating scum bag if that is the case. Also you should not be sleeping with someone on a first date, that is just making yourself look easy and cheap. Not really what any good guy that is looking for a relationship with potential marriage is going to want. I would trust the people that have said he is married and move on. Why would they lie?

He might be married and just using you for sex. If i were you i would investigate before i have sex with him. He maybe didn’t call you because he was to busy with his wife! Don’t trust him, you don’t even know him that well. He might be lieing about the wife thing. I agree with the first answer ask him to take you to his house if he don’t tell him you can’t have a relationship with him or ask you’re ex boyfriend to show you his house.

The ONLY way to know a man’s true character and therefore his integrity and intentions is by withholding FREE SEX.
Which you just wrecked.
You just gave up all POWER to ever know the truth.
If you told him there would be no sex until a ring and the cake……he would’ve run away.

But you didn’t do that.
You created your own hell because your character is only about FREE SEX too! By your own actions you just made the whole relationship about SEX. And once done, you can NEVER go back and start over.
You wanted to play games. That’s what you got.

Understand that BY YOUR OWN ACTIONS you have now made this relationship about FREE SEX and it cannot be changed.

Integrity, morals and ethics is a one-way street. Once YOU chose to go down there, you can never go back.

No…do not ask him again…you will not get the truth. He told you what you wanted to hear so that you would have sex with him. YOU WOULD NOT, IF YOU KNEW HE WAS MARRIED. RIGHT?

What you need to do is call your local court house and see if there is a record of marriage in his name. You may need his full name, date of birth to find out. That department of governmemt is called Vital Records or someting like that. YOU MAY ALSO ASK TO SEE HIS PLACE. CHECK HIS CAR LICENSE TAG TO SEE IF IT IS TITLED TO JUST HIM. GET HIS ADDRESS TO SEE WHO IS ON THE LEASE/MORTGAGE…..THESE ARE ALL PUBLIC RECORDS. GET TO WORK.

Also, believe those who said he is…Your ex was probably trying to tell you that you were being dooped and you did not trust him. Those other people who said he was married…what would they gain by lying to you. WAKE UP…HE IS MARRIED AND DON’T SLEEP WITH MEN RIGHT AWAY…HOLD OFF TILL YOU HAVE VISITED THE PLACE THEY LIVE IN TO SEE FOR YOURSELF.

Tell him you would love to go to his place on the next adventure – if there is one (he sounds married)

Asking a cheating married person if he is married is like asking a criminal if he is honest. He is lying.

The ultimate test: Ask him to take you to HIS home the next time. See how he handles that one!

How is it that everyone you know knows he’s married and you don’t?

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