Kotr tournement sign up (wq) inside?

Sign up here and i will put every one agaist each other a post it and peopel can vote

who will the wwe championship?


triple h coz he is the best

Name- Fabian Phenom Face/Heel Status- Tweener Gimmick- Normal hardcore person Signature Moves [5-10]- 1. Crucifix Pin 2. DDT 3. Lionsault 4. Step-Up Enziguri 5. Spring Board Dives. Finisher Move(s) [1-3]- 1. Phenom DDT (Suplex DDT) 2. F-Bomb (Corkscrew Body Splash) Promo: HWE doesn’t know whats hitting them. The real talent has arrived. The Phenom is here! I AM the best there can be! You are looking at a champion, a winner, and the future of HWE. I have gone Main Event because I am the Main Event. I can beat anything and anyone that gets in my way! (Thats all I got im better promoing at matches) WQ 1: Do you watch Mexican wrestling? [Lucha Libre]. No, not really but i do speak Spanish though. WQ 2: What’s your favorite promotion? TNA WQ 3: Which wrestler do you like that not many people do? Actually IDK WQ 4: Are you happy with WWE right now? No, watching paint dry is less repetitive and more entertaining. WQ 5: Do you like TNA? See question 2.

Mr. Xuberant! II Will End It All With A Reverse C-4

lol, Just Kidding. Sign Me Up.

Oh, Triple H Will. He Will Be Champ once again.

Leader of CGF (Dark Angel)

Triple H will win. Orton won’t coz he’s the champ now and the title is supposed to change a lot at wm cena wont win coz he was the champ for too long last yr but i wont mind if he does win

Viva La Edge-CC EG

I think Triple H will win the title at Wrestlemania.

The Next Big Thing

Ric Flair in his prime

Hardy Boyz (not Jeff)

WQ: Chris Jericho

Im in Extreme Edgehead

Triple H

<<♣♠HaRdYz 4 LiFe♣♠>>

and it was planned for jeff to win money in the bank and for triple h to win the title and then jeff comes out and pins hhh for title
but now that jeff is gone no idea but he will get it when he returns

Yep count me in ~ Jackieb.

It looks like title #12 for HHH as he wins at WM24 & then turns heel.


WQ: I think it’s gonna be HHH.
Then John Cena.
I doubt Orton will retain.

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