Poll: what is your fave celebrity & why?

Taylor Swift – I have watched a lot of her interviews, and she seems like such a nice, kind, down to earth person. She is also an amazing singer, even live, and I love all of her songs and music videos.

Alex Gaskarth – He is so funny and random, I love his band All Time Low, he is very talented, and he seems like a really fun, energetic guy. I would love to meet him someday.

Johnny Knoxville – He is hilarious, I love Jackass, and I love most of the movies that he is in.

David Archuleta – He is one of the nicest, sweetest, most down to earth people that I have ever met. He is very talented; David is an amazing singer, and he is writes great lyrics.

The incomparable Charles Mesure — beautiful, sweet man


Mary-Kate Olsen is my favourite celebrity, i love there book and her dress sense

but yeah ive liked her since i was a kid.

I have lots :

Selena Gomez – I love her style and her music and i think shes just cool.
Paris Hilton – Again i like her style.
Taylor Swift – Her music is amazing

Lots more just cant chose so many.


Sophia Bush~She’s sooo Cool !!


i have a few
david archuleta?Sweet,cute,humble,down to earth,awesome voice
robert pattinson?Best actor.And very cute!
paramore-haylie williams-she has ana awesome voice,writes great songs,and is different

taylor swift-all her songs r very relatible

chris brown because hes a good singer and dancer and cuz hes hot!

jonas brothers-there amazing singers and good role models
taylor swift-shes also and amazing singer

my most fave celeb is Lucas Grabeel…’coz he’s sooooooo hot and cool!! and my second are Dylan and Cole Sprouse ‘coz they are twins and they are sooooo cute!!

i wouldn’t say he was a celebrity, but seth macfarlane, because he gave us family guy =]

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