RHH: Album game: FAVORITE album for each year?

Post an edit with the year you have.

I’ll start with 1987: Criminal Minded – Boogie Down Productions

The Infamous by Mobb Deep beating out OB4CL and Liquid Swords for me

I’ll start with an edit, because people are posting albums from the same year!

Ooh, ’92’s a good year… either The Chronic or The Predator…. I feel like there’s more, but these stand out the most to me.

Scratch that, I’ll go with Runaway Slave.

Yeah I actually discovered that album only because he has it posted on his About Me page lol. 40’s knows his sh*t for sure.


Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

1988: The Great Adventures of Slick Rick

2001. Cormega-The Realness

Panacea- Ink Is My Drink

2002- God’s Son by Nas

I’m 2000, like 2 people missed there year, so “War & Peace Vol 2. (The Peace Disc)

@E-Real: Thank you.

Wu-Tang Forever or the 18th Letter

Outkast – ATLiens

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