Should I get a abused dog?

I got a female chihuahua on Craigslist in October and she was abused we didnt find this out until after we bought her. She was really scared and shook alot. Later the next day craigslist was warning people about the lady we got our dog from she abuses them, leaves them inkennel, doesnt feed them and so on. We had…

Abused dogs that come from difficult circumstances are alot of hard work.

I’ve had my rescue dog, Zoe (meaning “life” in Latin because she’s so lucky to be alive) for nearly 5years now and she’s still nervous. I got Zoe when she was a 4month old petrified pup after she had been found in a damp, deep ditch on Christmas Eve 2007 where she was left to die. Our local shelter where we had gotten our previous dog from, rescued her. When they took her out all she was was skin and bones and hard gashes across her neck and two front legs. She was shivering , dehydrated, starving and freezing. A month after her rescue , she had gained little weight but her cuts (which needed stitches) had healed up quite nicely. We got a call from our local shelter asking if we would like to foster Zoe (as our pup had just recently passed away) until she could find a loving home, and of course we couldn’t resist as we missed having our Lizzie around the house. We fostered her only to notice she had an extreme fear of leashes, men, bus stops and bins. Everytime my father walked by her , she would foul herself. When we took out the Leash she would whimper and run and hide on the nearest corner. When we walked past a bin she would try and pull us in the opposite direction and would literally wet herself walking by it. Same with bus stops. It made me sick to the stomach looking at poor Zoe’s reaction to all these things as she had clearly been badly abused by men. And god help me if I got my hands on the b*****ds I’d kill them and let them suffer like they did to Zoe, only id make sure no one rescued the c***s, i hope the f*****s rot in hell. Anyways long story short we ended up keeping Zoe as she really thrived with our family and learned to love my father and never leaves his side. She still has a fear of bus stops and strange men and bins however has gotten over her fear of leashes which is a real accomplishment for her as we suspect she was once strangled by one. Her scars are still viable on her neck and paws, but she has come on leaps and bounds. She is 5years old now and thriving. Her rescuers don’t even recognise her as she has put on pounds and is now a fit and healthy dog, her age is showing by lil grey hairs on her face but she’s spoiled rotten.

If you want to take the dog, take it. If not , there are plenty of shelter doggies in need of a new home.

Rescue dogs are a hell of alot of work , however worth every moment! They way I see it is , they found her, I adopted her, and well, she rescued me.

Well, little one abuse certainly has more serious affects, for the reason that an abused baby might develop up to be a unsafe/violent man or woman hence of abuse. However this does not in particular imply that baby abuse is inherently worse than another form of abuse, including abuse of animals. Evaluating two evils as if it is a contest dismisses the seriousness of one of the, obviously equally horrible, evils. Baby and animal abuse are each equally horrible, they’re just horrible in exclusive approaches.

Now I can not prove it, but, I do believe the jack russell I have, Brownie, been abused. She did have papers with her that said she was in a neck brace and even now she can still get scared. But I love on her and shes been good. She use to hate people but now she isn’t like that. Now that she knows we won’t hurt her. So, yes. Get the dog and show her lots of love and just give her a little time.

omg that is horrible. I had a friend with the same type of question! Try to calm it down with chew toys treats and hugs with kisses …etc. Make it feel safe walk it and do not alarm or frighten it any more than it is now. Do not sneak up on it or surprise it for now. hope i helped

yeah you should i have a dog that was thrown out of a moving care while it was 6 weeks old they are really sweet she may potty mine did on you but thats natural its scare after you have had it for a couple of months she should start to trust you and become friends trust me rescued dogs are adorable

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