Spiritually speaking, I accidentally clicked on the “new Yahoo” button. Is there a way to get it to go back?

I don’t like the new Yahoo homepage, but I accidentally clicked the “new Yahoo homepage” button and now I can’t make it go back. Anyone know of a way to get the old Yahoo back?

Spiritually speaking, of course.

Lol, I did the same thing and you can go back. On the right hand side (at the bottom of the page) in “ABOUT YAHOO!” is a line…”Return to Classic Yahoo.com” click on that.

Anytime :o)

Try clicking on my yahoo-that’s the way I got back to the regular yahoo.

It’s the Red Pill! Get it right.


choose classic…it is better…look at the top of pg

i don’t think so.

once you take the blue pill – the matrix is revealed.

edit: sorry, lucy. i’ve slept since 1997.

Maybe God wanted you to learn something new?

Oh, right, yeah SPIRITUALLY speaking..?? What does THAT have anything to do with it?

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