We now have 2 puppies….they play fight but i’m not sure if i should stop it?

We recenlty got a new puppy. We already had a puppy that is a male and is 4.5 mo old the new puppy is 3.5 mo old and it is a female. They play fight/wrestle a lot. I was told that this is ok and they play fine for the first little while. BUT then she (is quite larger) ends up pinning him down and bites his face and…

I have 2 pugs. They are 3 months apart. I got both of them as puppies (8 weeks). They definitely made me nervous at first, because they were doing exactly what your 2 pups are doing. Same thing, EXACTLY! One would yelp, and then it would stop for a bit, then the one that yelped would ask for more. After much worry and separating…. well, they are both almost 2 now… and they still play like that together. It’s a brother/sister thing I think. I wouldn’t worry too much. The yelping is telling the other that…. “Wait a minute, that hurt, too rough.” So they stop and then go at it again, because they are playing and trying to establish dominance over one another. It’s a natural thing. I bet they curl up at bedtime together and look absolutely adorable. I wouldn’t worry unless one of them is obviously aggressive to the point of the other one constantly yelping. If you had a sibling growing up you probably did the same types of things.

Allow Them TO Play Fight If You Don’t They Might Grow Up Not Knowing How To Fight aAnd That Could Be Bad. If It Get Past Play Then Stop It By Putting Pennies In A Soda Can And Tape It Closed When They Fight Bad Shake The Can This Is A Professional Dog Tip By My Dog Behaviorist.

Oh I know just how you feel. I recently got a little yellow lab puppy and my much larger adult black lab and her play a lot. And sometimes the puppy yelps when they play. Most of the time it’s not aggression and she just yelps to be submissive to the older dog. But she isn’t really hurt or in any danger she just might get a little scared because he is so much bigger than her. If it makes you feel better you can defiantly separate them. But it wouldn’t hurt to let them sort it out on their own sometimes.

She is showing her dominance. When he yelps he is telling her enough. If she is the new one and he is letting her dominat him now, that can be a bad thing. Keep an eye on her and make sure she doesnt get aggresive towards you or your family. I would also call a local trainer and ask them to come out and evaluate them playing. If you feel uncomfortable, then you might want to discuss this with a trainer and just see what they think. Dogs can get rough when playing and sometimes you have to trian them not to get too crazy. Trainers (reputable ones) usually will evaluate the dogs for little or no money.

This is just normal dog behavior. It sounds like your new female puppy is trying to establish dominance. If your male puppy is going right back after her, then he wasn’t hurt too badly. Puppies in the same litter do this too and establish a pecking order. Its completly normal and you should just let them work it out.

You really did do the right thing! It is okay and good that they fight and be aggressive with each other because it is building up their instinctive, hunting, playing, and awareness skills, but if one does get too aggressive or starts to get hurt, it is right to stop them. I’m very glad that you’re one of the people did that!

its part of ther distingtive nature

my puppie and her twin sis do that but we never stop them but ones of themes always stronger bu sometimes when they actually do fight we break em up

don’t break them up. what i do sometime is i say the one’s name that’s being to aggressive and say heeey stop it. they usually stop being as aggressive but it doesn’t make them stop playing. don’t say it mean/aggressive though.

I have two labs who do the same but the male is more aggressive..I wonder too if we should break them up or is it dogs way of playing?? My sire is already trying to initiate sex! WTF!!


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