Why won’t the world let Iran have the nuke,so Israel will nuke them and we will be rid of both of them.?

I’m not sure, but maybe the world doesn’t want to see nukes flying around?

That would solve basically all the problems we have right now. This is clearly the best idea on these boards in a very long time. That way the politicians dont have to turn their backs on the Zionist lobby, they can take their money and then whoops. The media would be seriously freaking tho and we would have to hear about it for a long time. Needless to say the dozens of Hollywood movies that would come out for the next 60-100 years minimum.
Really though we cant have anyone else nuking people we like the elite status of being the only nation to nuke people. I really like the way we had to drop 2 bombs. I would say its about 100% certain either detonation would have worked to get a surrender from them.
Iran will never nuke Israel the want to give it back to the Palestinians and irradiated land wouldnt be appreciated. the only thing them having nukes does is prevent them from getting preemptively striked.

Iran would not care relating to the Palestinians. It cares approximately interior reach administration, and it cares approximately spreading the Islamic revolution. presently – Israel is in the way of its objectives. If Iran gets nuclear weapons it could maximum probable use its effect to take over Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Egypt (it already has Lebanon below administration). Getting Israel out of how could make it greater straightforward for Iran to take over the different international places

Because they don’t have it to begin with. It’s been a declassified note that Iran will not be able to go nuclear, weapons wise till 2015. It’ll be just another false-flag war again created by the American war machine. Research it.

that’s gonna be the bottom line when the smoke clears, but we (the USA) can’t afford to let our trouble makin, loud mouth, and weak kid brother make those kind of waves these days. it’s hard enough for us to look the other way when they treat the palestinians like we did native americans in colonial times. of course, the colonists couldn’t fly over a sovereign country on a whim and blow away an official, and anyone with 50 ft of him, whenever they felt like it.

How dare you call us we? You are a dictator just like Bush you don’t speak for me or anyone else but yourself when you propagate war! Go to bed! Rid yourself of your horrible violent mentality, and put a productive thought in that narrow minded skull! Go read books on Nuclear Energy and find out about how it powers for the good instead of bad! Find a cure for Cancer?
Get intelligent and do something productive for once in your pathetic life! We the People and I speak for 82 % of the voters don’t want third world mentality running a muck of our lives, we are through with this talk? Do you read that? eh?

Is real will not nuke any country unless attacked. Iran has attacked countries before

Because the place would be full of radioactive material and radiation .we could not get the oil out

It’s the collateral damage that we really don’t want. What if it spills over. Such a mess it would make.

lol, We should..! Let them duke it out without international assistance. It’s the honourable thing to do.. 😛

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