Will ObamaCare Survive The Second Cloture Vote Without A Government Run Public Option ?

So, even though Democrats had enough votes to move the bill forward for debate, just take a look at some quotes from conservative Democrats where they condition their vote on the second cloture motion on changes to the bill:

•Senator Nelson: “Throughout my Senate career I have consistently rejected efforts…

I don’t think it will survive, which means that none of the problems with our health care system will be addressed.

The problem is the gross greed and inefficiency of the for-profit health care system. The mandate to maximize profits for shareholders directly conflicts with the goal of insurance being there when the financial need for it is greatest. In order to maximize profits, insurance companies, by design, will try to dump you or deny your claims as soon as your needs exceed what they estimate you will bring to them in the form of premiums.

By not having a not-for-profit alternative that is large enough to gain economies of scale in administrative efficiency and bargaining leverage, we would basically force people to enroll with the same people who are causing the current problems and enriching themselves from it.

This would be like looking at the Enron debacle, and then passing a law requiring everyone to trade energy futures through that company, as a solution for what went wrong.

This will wind up being an enormous government tax dollar pork giveaway to the wealthy heath care and insurance industry lobbies, just like Medicare Part D was, but much, much larger. The problems with people getting screwed, and the costs spiraling out of control won’t be touched by these measures, most of which don’t take effect any time soon anyway.

it extremely is an determination. It skill you could % between a menu of the two private insurers or public innovations, that are like Medicare for youthful human beings. We have already got 3 forms of government run wellbeing care, for the poorest human beings, for the older human beings, and for the veterans. In private coverage the concern is that we are paying lots for thus little treatment. private insurers get however we pay minus the quantity they spend on our treatemants, so as that they’ve an incentive to withold treatment. the popular public determination or co-ops might take out insurer income and notice if it diminished costs. If it worked, human beings might %. it. If it did no longer, no person might %. it and it might disappear. I say it is nicely worth a shot. Does that sound too frightening for you to handle?

This fiasco needs to be put out of its misery!

Its NOT about Health-Care Reform, its about CONTROL!
+ the fact that the Senate and Congress will not have to use the same program that the rest of us will be FORCED to use, what our representatives are better than we are? what?

Please call your Congresspeople and DEMAND that they kill this thing and take the time to examine the system and see what benefits WE THE PEOPLE and what is a sell out to GREED INC.

Get a clue people … anything that can make it past the system to become LAW,
has already gone through a process that guarantees it will be a total sell out and have no benefit at all for WE THE PEOPLE!

It definitely matters. The liberals wont vote for the bill unless it has a public option. The conservatives wont vote for the bill unless it doesnt have a public option. They have a lot of work ahead of them. This isnt ending anytime soon.

actually Obama is hoping that a public option fails so he can collect the maximum amount of taxes and not spend it on people

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