Would you rather drive a hummer or be given one?

I don’t have a peen so can’t be given one and no I don’t need to drive my one child to work in a tank.

Give me a hummer any day. Driving a hummer would be costly.

a number of those solutions crack me up lol! sorry I in basic terms had to assert that. i think refreshed by technique of the naivety =P its a powerful ingredient i’d somewhat gosh…i imagine i’d somewhat rigidity a hummer so i could promote it and take my loved one to Italy and performance a huge procuring holiday! i’d not take a hummer from all of us else = dishonest is undesirable!

ok, i admit it… it took me a full 13 hours to figure out what you meant with this question… even after reading sourshell’s answer in confusion… the truth is, i haven’t used the term “hummer” in that manner since my teenage years… i’d rather be given one… you offerin’?..

I have received a hummer in a Hummer. It was awesome!

Given one! How can Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods and David Letterman be wrong?

I’d rather be given one. That way I could sell it to somebody else and make a lot of money!

Given one then I would sell it.

In my case, I have to drive one

Neither, I couldn’t afford the gas, it could look pretty in my driveway with geraniums planted in it.

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