My girlfriend became extreemly offended and upset when i asked if she wanted to have sex, she wants to wait?

I asked her if she wanted to, she was so upset. she said that i made her feel unconfortable and awkward, she said that i wasint looking out for her and that she cant trust me, she said she wont have sex until marrige but, i think that she just might not be that into […]

New Mexico Govenor Richardson Endorses Obama. Does this encourage Hispanic votes?

Richardson won New Mexico and is PRO- Amnesty, this may be a win for all of America? The Hispanics know now that the Clinton’s lied to them, Republicans too. Richardson was also used. He wants to help the Latinos. Answer one or all. 1. Bill Richardson & Obama have similar backgrounds and have the same…

Why have the Chicago Bulls beaten the superstar stacked Miami Heat 4 straight games?

Its mind boggling…..people were saying tis heat team was going to win 70 games and win like 7 straight championships..and they cant beat a team with one 22 year old point guard as their main offensive option??…a team that feature Keith Bogans at starting shooting guard???