I asked my Muslim friend do you support 9/11 attacks. He said yes…?

Let me start by saying that I respect Islam as a religion. I have a Muslim friend. He is a very nice fellow and my good friend, although now we have been separated by different countries, when I moved to US. One day we had this discussion that why a lot of Muslims are getting […]

Help!!!! My ex and I have been talking for two years and only dated for 4 months…should i move on?

Me and my ex did everything together, u name it we did it. We enjoy being with each other even if that means we are in the house watching movies or making up dances. We even might just go for a walk and talk about all our old memories. Everyone hated us because when were […]

4 Months and 3 week old baby has a strong apatite very greedy any alternative’s to save money on formula?

Hi my daighter can eat i mean she can eat which is a good thing but the formula i have her on in enfamil A+ but the liquid kind and i buy a box of 16 8once cans which cost $45 and it only last 4 days so i would be spending about $360 a […]