***Woah… Has anyone realized this after the Super Bowl? (BQ!)***?

The last two teams to have one the major championships in sports have been the San Francisco Giants and Green Bay Packers. Both of them one on the last day of the regular season to go to the playoffs. And they ended up winning the World Series and Super Bowl. What’s next the Golden State […]

Why dont we legalize marijuana and gay marrage, and ban religion instead?

I mean, look at it this way. Religion has caused serious fights that have resulted In hitlers reign in Germany which started in WWII. Religion is also why Osama bin laden decided to attack America- he said that “god” told him to do it. (I am not against the muslim religion whatsoever). Religion is the…

My daughter is finally potty trained… is there a way to reverse it?

I’m finding this newly learned skill to be more of a hassle than just letting her wear diapers. She expects me to help her on and off of the toilet… plus I also have to help her wipe. GRODY! After she finishes I have to make sure she flushes and washes her hands and then […]

RHH: What Do You Think About My Top 101 RHH Projects Of 2012?

*PleaseStarThis if you likey* Here’s the Preliminaries: – In 2012 it’s basically impossible to define Hip Hop music. To make it easier on myself, for this list I’m only including projects that have rapping on the majority of their tracks. Rapping, I think, has become a quality that is sufficient…

How is it possible that an American could come to love communist North Korea?

This story is actually an old story I came across while googling about defections out of interest as to why people would choose to defect to countries with harsh government regimes. http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=2405878n&tag=related;photovideo What I don’t understand is how he, a former American…