Jehovah’s witnesses, do you agree with ex communicating because of a difference of opinion on doctrine?

With all the changes the organization has made shouldn’t there be some kind of hearing between the individual and higher up persons of the religion. We all have faith in Christ and his kingdom but if a person believes for example that the physical children of Israel are not permanently rejected based on…

Do any of you woman wear hats to church or other formal events and, if so, do they have veils?

I noticed several at church on Easter Sunday and they look so elegant. I’m tempted to buy one and I was wondering if wearing a formal hat to church or other social events is becoming popular again? (If any of you men what to answer, I’d love to hear your thoughts too.)

Is donald rumsfeld a traitor? Should he be arrested for helping Korea get Nuclear Reactors?… Hey, conservatives, your friend, Donald Rumsfeld, while employed at ABB, helped provid 2 nuclear reactors to North Korea. Donald Rumsfeld is a traitor to our nation, and needs to be arrested, tried, and severly punished.

Can anyone provide a secular reason why brothels are illegal in 49 of the 50 States?

I understand we live in a country that separates church and state – hence my confusion. As always, thanks for your opinion. PS: I periodically have to post this same message – so here goes. Any “thumbs-up or down” you receive, didn’t come from me. Thanks again.