GOP Debate: Why did Yahoo cut where Ron Paul tells McCain he gets more troops donations than any candidate?

On Yahoo’s front page this morning they had all the heated discussions from the CNN/Youtube GOP Debate. When they got to the part where McCain tells Ron Paul that the troops sent him a message “Let us Win” then they cut the part where Ron Paul tells McCain that more active military service personel…

What’s you’re feeling on how the US – specifically Obama – should handle the Iran situation?

I think Obama has been handling it just right. Saying that he’s disappointed by the government’s actions, but largely staying away from the subject. I feel that if the US were to take too strong of a stand against the government of Iran, we risk giving them something else to hate the US for and […]

Fewer Americans are concerned about global warming, Pew Research Poll?

This is almost two weeks old so I appologize if this has been previously asked. A recent pew report indicated that the number of Americans who see global warming as a threat has dropped 20 points (from 77% to 57%)from three years ago. The biggest decline came from those who saw themselves as…

EX BOYFRIEND PROBLEMS!! AGAIN..pleaseee HELP me. im soo desperate now!!! what do i do to get him back!?!?

So me and my ex bf of 8 months recently started talking again after he apologized to me about some stuff he did. the only thing is like he keeps saying stuff that lead me on. like idk he always has said that hes not sure if he wants to go back out with me […]

From Jesus dying on the cross, how exactly is that saving us..?

Hey i’m kind of new to this, i’m trying really hard to understand, i’ve been reading up on that because Jesus died on the cross for us that he has saved us from our sins, and connecting us to God. i really don’t understand, why was it that event, and how is that whole process […]