What are your thoughts on this lesser known early 70s Polish hard rock band?

“Test” were lead by vocalist Wojciech Gassowski, who also had a career as a crooner and later an Elvis impersonator (Poland’s #1)… Fans of early 70’s heavy bands like Lucifer’s Freind, Black Sabbath, and Uriah Heep might enjoy these guys. Here’s a video that I uploaded to Youtube a…

I need a recipe, minimal cooking skill. My girlfriend wants dinner. HELP!?

I need to cook my girlfriend dinner. The problem is I have minimal cooking skill. I need a simple recipe that will taste fantastic. Fish, beef, chicken, or vegetable are all OK. Pork, lamb, veal, anything with onions, or duck are a major violation! I can follow recipes fairly well, but my cooking skills suck. […]