Sting or Undertaker and ICWF Adrenaline Episode 1 card (Vote/Promo)?

Tuesday Night Adrenaline Tag Team Championship match: Shaun Cold and Conor Smythers vs Kevin Nash and Joe Crouch Hardcore Championship First Blood Match DJoMo v Shaun Cold v The Extreme Pigeon v The Crow E.D. v Joe Crouch Womens Championship Triple Threat Match Red Sexy Cerebral Phenom v Juicy Juice v…

What is the effect of sade saathi on me according to my horo ? Plz plz plz plz serious answer !?

Sade saathi has started to me (vrishcika rashi natives) from Nov 2011. I am already facing serious family problems. My life was worse from 2005 to 2008 ( failures and downfalls in all things ) . Then from 2008 i had thought that things will improve but i am not having mental peace since 2009. […]