REVISIT – The dirtiest hockey players of all time?

OK, I believe when I asked about who are the nastiest hockey players, and when I listed a few, I wasn’t thinking well. Here’s the new list. 1.) Donald Brashear – Just because he got slashed by his arch-rival Marty McSorley doesn’t mean he gets off easily. Brashear is noted with starting a fight with…

Mosque ground zero….or just a mosque? Fear mongering…or..?

Does it worry anyone else that Newt Gingrich is comparing building a Muslim community center (its not just a mosque…its a culinary school, gym and a prayer center) to Hitler’s holocaust? Should we just start hating any all all Muslims? Did you know that there’s a mosque a couple of blocks already a…

I would like your honest opinion about something. Would you be upset if your hubby rec’v e-mail from ex-gf?

I’ve been married 4 mos.My hubby dated this girl before he met me.2 1/2 yrs ago, he moved into apt complex. A few incidents led me to believe she lived around him, but he denied it or beat around the bush. He finally told me last year & said he didn’t tell me b/c he […]

Majority of Americans of the 30s&40s were in fact Anti-Fascists&Anti-NAZI. We united against Fascists&NAZIs. So isn’t it GOOD to hate NAZIs.?

If you are a NAZI you stand with the most murderous brutal regime in recent past. How many Americans will you kill this time around?