What do you think that toe tappin’ Al Gore really did with the woman in a hotel?

We all remember how Democrats were all in a tizzy over what some toe tappin’ Republican did. Now we hear Al Gore did some toe tappin’ of his own. Should Gore be treated equally, or should we treat people according to their own standards, so that Democrats never did anything wrong because they have no…

I’ve been having trouble focusing in school. Could it be because of my depression and self harm?

I haven’t self harmed for a while now. So I feel happy about that but I still struggle with depression and it’s hard to focus on my school work and other important things. I was questioning whether it has to do with my depression. And I don’t see my Psychiatrist again until the summer.

I cant tell the difference between my dreams and real life lately.?

For the past 2 weeks I have been having really realistic dreams and when I wake up I feel normal. But in real life I tend to think things that I may be dreaming actually happened in the past when they actually hadn’t. Now this is effecting my real life cause sometimes I think I […]