Anybody there ?? Hello !! Regarding the three white men falsely accused of raping the “stripper”.?

Where are the stripper and the civil rights leaders now ..that need to apologize for ruining the lives of the three Duke Lacross players HELLOOO wake up America..No fairness at all, what is good for the goose is good for the gander..As I said before…. POWER trip!!!

My 18 month old daughter has had runny bm’s for the last couple of days, almost like water. What’s wrong?

My daughter has had very runny stools for the last couple of days. Sometimes they are cream colored and runny or they are almost of a water consistency with small chunks. What is wrong with her? She is acting completely normal though. She is eating, drinking, and sleeping well with no fever. Thanks for your…

Why does everyone hate Dick Cheney so much? It doesn’t make sense!?

Why do people pick on Vice President Cheney so much? People should really give him a break, he is from such a small state (Wyoming) and he was the sole Congressman from that state too (Wyoming has only one Congressman and two US Senators). Everyone knows that President Bush has a hard time making competent […]