Do you think any war will happen between Israel and Iran soon?

The war of Israel and the Bible prophecy has really been making me nervous. I’m saved and live for God but I wanted to see what i’m capable of in life and the prophecy being fulfilled kinda makes me paranoid I guess. What is your opinion on it? And i’m also not saying I don’t […]

I’m transitioning from male to female, why are people so much ruder to you when they know you’re transgender?

I have to work closely with my PCP while we monitor my hormone regimen, but he’s so rude to me. He left me sitting in his small rooms for almost three hours today, and when he came in the first thing he did was make a disparaging comment about my shoes (I threw on a […]

Looking for a climbing/mountaineering disaster that involved a snowstorm – saw it in a documentary years ago?

Ok so this is driving me absolutely nuts. A few years ago, I watched a documentary on YouTube that covered some kind of climbing/trekking/mountaineering disaster where people got caught in a snowstorm. I’m pretty sure I ended up watching it because it ended up in my suggested videos, after I watched some…

Easter art activity that I can do with kids aging from 2 years old to 5 years old?

It has to be something that will take under 30 minutes. I teach a class of toddlers at church ranging from ages 2 to 5 and there will be at least 6 kids and there will be one other adult in the room with me. It can’t be anything too messy,difficult or expensive either. Printable […]