Since becoming a mother, do stories of child abuse or even of children in starving countries, hit you harder?

I’m just curious. Ever since I became a mother I can’t even bear to watch Feed The Children infomercials. I read the stories of baby Peter Connelly and baby Briana Lopez and they literally brought me to tears. I wasn’t uncaring before I became a mother but now it seems that I’m extremely sensitive…

My 3yr old son hits me, screams at me and throws really bad fits all the time what can i do too prevent this?

He is very very bad. He will scream at the top of his lungs and hit and punch unitl he gets his way. I have tried the time out thing and that just doesnt work and neither does sending him too his room. Now he has started hurting hisself like punching hisself in the stomach […]

Mormons: How Do You Prove That Joseph Smith is a Real Prophet?

This is a very serious question. I’m pretty sure that LDS was founded by Joesph Smith, so its a fair question to wonder if he was a genuine and true guy. If we go to back to Exodus when Moses was going to deliver the Ten Commandments, all the people did not have to single-handily […]