The President says we need more alternative energy to reduce gas prices?

President Barack Obama says one answer to high gasoline prices is to spend money developing renewable energy sources. “That’s the key to helping families at the pump and reducing our dependence on foreign oil” in the long term, he said Saturday in his weekly radio and Internet address. Is it…

Is Republican Chuck Hagel a good choice for Obama V.P.?

Barack Obama has already made history in this campaign, but what if he does it one more time by picking a Republican as his V.P.? reports about the buzz surrounding GOP Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska as a potential choice for Obama. Hagel admittedly is a long shot for the job. Just imagine the […]

9/11 Conspiracy theorists. Have you seen “Screw Loose Change”?

Its a direct point by point refutation of the basis and crux of your conspiracy lunacy. Unlike “Loose Change”, the movie provides citations of references, quotes from people who were actually in WTC7, and dispels the myth of a missile hitting the Pentagon. With actual facts and stats and highlighting…

Does Germany give dual citizenship to kids born to US military personnel in Germany?

Specifically, I know of a kid born in 1986 in Germany, presumably on a US base, while his father was in the US Army. And I know that Germany has strict citizenship requirements so I’ve always wondered if the kid would be a dual citizen or have no status. Sorry if it’s a dumb and […]

Should I go to my boyfriends sisters grad party on sat, eventhough she just told us that she invited his ex to

She invited his ex and his ex’s new bf to the party. The party is all family and his ex is not. No one in his family likes her, except his sister. But i don’t want 2 go because its like a stab in the back for him and for me. What should i do […]

Has an NFL team ever had injuries before the Colts this year?

It would appear that the Colts are the first team with injuries in the history of the NFL. Luckily for them the refs weren’t injured and the karaoke machine only skipped for a few seconds in their moral victory covering the spread againts the Pats eons ago. The refs and karaoke machine won’t be…