Should we be teaching the Controversy? Global Warming & the Apocalypse?

I know that separation of church and state is an integral part of the United States, but can we not at least ask the question “Will the Four Horseman come? And if so what do I do?” these are things that we could look back on and say why didn’t we try harder? I am […]

If Schrodinger’s Cat is penned together with a mouse, what will happen?

The famous thought experiment proceeds originally, but with an added animal, a mouse, inside the steel chamber. The mouse will be placed in a cage which is equipped with a timer that opens the cage door after an hour, making it accessible to the mouse-eating cat only by then. After a few minutes past an […]

Why can black people say “black pride” but if whites say it, its considered racism?

Is it a double negetive that Blacks can have pride in their race but whites cant? Im a very proud white, and I know that i love my race. But, apparentley i cant say “White Pride” without being a racist. Loving my own race, makes me hate the others? Honestly, I have no respect for […]