The War in Iraq & Why it Justifed….what do you think?

G.W. Bush went to war against Saddam because he said they had WMD. As did over 160 scientist fleeing Iraq and the nations of Eqypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, Israel, Kuwait, Turkey, France, Germany and many others ALL said they had them or were working very hard to obtain nucular capabilities with the ability to…

Was Rabbi Tovia Singer correct on his exegesis of Prophet Jeremiah, summarizing why Jesus is not the Messiah?

In response to one of my questions about Israel being a “wife” to YHVH, I was directed to a somewhat lengthy extrication of Jeremiah’s promise of a new covenant. Rather than post so much for those who take interest to answer, I will summarize, in all honestly, the Rabbi’s objection to the…

Since Christians, Jews, and Muslims all believe in the same God why do they continue to murder in his name?

Even though we do not agree on all of the facts, we all claim to be peaceful people. However, evidence shows that we all 3 are more brutial than any other religions. I believe this is because we can not change revelations; God’s predictions of the end of time. I wish we could see that […]

If you are living in Georgia do you have to be married so the fathers last name can be on the birth certificat?

My daughter is 16 and she is getting ready to have a baby but she swears that in the state of Georgia you have to be married in order to give the baby the fathers last name is this true.I also had a baby 3 years ago and my fiance and I werent married but […]