If you have a signed 1 year lease and the landlord sells the property what you do?

I live in the state of Iowa, I have only receive verbal notice of the sale of the home and that I have to be out. They intend to close on the 1st of August. The landlord showed the home wihtout my knowledge about 3 weeks ago and then accepted the offer and still no […]

Can you write a story for humor’s sake including 5 of these words or phrases?

Can you write a story for humor’s sake including 5 of these words or phrases:? 1)Pastor 2)Aqualung 3)Cow head lady 4)you sure are old and ugly 5)he’s clicking his heels and saying, “I gots me a woman!” 6)he’s on topsnorting “hee haww, hee hawww” 7)Abdullah the Muslim…

Infiniti g35, BMW m3, or BMW 330ci.. Which is better car for 16 year old?

I am planning on buying a car in 2 to 3 months and i have narrowed it down to these three choices: 2003 Infiniti G35 coupe, 1999-2001 BMW M3, and 2001-2002 BMW 330ci. I want to know which is the best all around car for a new driver and which is better to buy with […]

If I got a few D’s, but am retaking the classes senior year, can I still get into a CSU?

I got 3 D’s: biology one semester, geometry one semester, and US History one semester. I’m not proud of it, but I talked to my counselor about it & she said I can retake all of those classes senior year. I have a 2.48 overall GPA right now, & I’m working to improve it. Do […]