I don’t have work yet.How to apply for National Insurance Number in Ireland. I live in Philippines.?

I applied work in Ireland. It is still on the process. My agent ask me to secure National Insurance Number because they said it is as necessary as applying for a work visa. I live in Philippines, I don’t know how to get it and to what government body I should call to.

Ok i know it sounds cliche but i am really confused and i dont want to do anything to regret it later on!!!…

Ok so i am moving i live already in halifax and i decided to move to bigger city keep in mind im going with family and im gonna start university at age of 17 is it montreal or toronto my french is really really good cause i used to study in france and im english […]

Laptop power surge connected, charges but not indicated by laptop?

I’ve had this problem for a while now, it’s annoying since it messes with my power saving settings and when to know when my computer is incorrectly connected or not. The charger is charging fine, just that the icon at the bottom shows it as just a battery without a plug symbol beside it. It’s […]