Do you think its important to have a fancy engagement ring?

How much do you think yoru wedding ring should cost? i found the perfect ring for me… but i’m not really huge on BIG BRIGHT FLASHY N FANCY i like simple and different… its a black pearl.. which i absolutely love… and it is set in white gold….

Atheists, are you convinced that the most homophobic people on earth are secretly gay?

Some atheists believe the most homophobic people are more likely to be secretly gay 1. The Taliban will MURDER a person for being gay. It doesn’t get anymore homophobic than that. Is the taliban a secretly gay muslim group? 2. MOST men in Uganda would gladly watch a bunch of gay men get killed just […]

Are bisexuals considered “gay” and “straight”, or neither?

I fully understand that bisexuals are completely different from homosexuals and heterosexuals, but I’m curious about the simple general terms of “straight” and “gay”. If someone asks a bisexual if they’re “straight/gay”, do they reply with yes to both or no to both? If no to…

What it is it called when you take a word and use each letter in that word as the first letter of other words?

You use each letter in a word like “TEAM” and make a phrase that defines the word “TEAM” with the first letter of each word being the letters in the original word while keeping each letter in order, i.e. Together, Everyone, Achieves, Miracles = TEAM.