Why do you do think she said that, are white teachers jealous because black students are smart or …?

Math is not really my subject,but somehow, I’ve always got the highest or second place in grade in my math classes. Now I’m taking calculus,which wasn’t my idea but my counselor’s and even that I doing well in there,the problem is that I’m the only black student there,all of the rest are…

Can my mum access my bank account statements/transactions if she has my card number and pin?

I’m at uni, my mum wants to look at my bank statements. I didn’t want her to so I avoided her phone calls for days but she’s got a hold of me now. and she wants my card number, my security number on the back and my pin. she also wants my sort code and […]

Who here considers themselves both a Christian and a Pagan?

There seems to be a number of folks I have run into here on R&S that say they are “Christo-Pagans” or some similar name. This utterly baffles me, so I’m posting a question to those folks to help me better understand where they’re coming from. In my knowledge of Christianity, one can only…

My parents tell me they need me driving. but they won’t take me out to practice?

I’m 20 and my parents refused to let me get a permit even until now. Finally I did about a few months ago but for the beginning of that they refused to take me to practice driving. Then they started to let me drive sometimes when driving to college (and only there for the most […]