Who else is upset like me when I voted for Obama and now he is hiring old Clinton retreads?

I want my vote back because he lied to us when he said that he would bring in new blood to DC and look who the h*ll he chose so far for his cabinet. These are the same people who were around over 8 years ago. Where is the change he promised me????

Do you think john mccaine and hillary clinton be the general election canidates?

Im not a conspiracy theroist but dont you have a feeling that the republicans don’t want to run against Obama, they want to run against Clinton. i dont support Obama, but they aren’t even going to give him a fair chance. i think part of the problem is the electronic voting machines. the media wants […]

Twilight fans ONLY: who thinks stephenie meyer should write every book in edwards view?

I know she making midnight sun in his view (i read the rough draft….awesome) on her site in new moon theres extras and it shows whenever rosalie is telling edward that bellas dead and kinda shows his side of the story. i kinda want her to write what he was doing in new moon (maybe). […]