I’m worried because my religion doesnt believe in this, wat do u think about this?

I have absolutley NO problem with gay marriage. i feel like it shouldnt be an issue wat so EVER. but i’m christian i’m raised christian and i know in my heart that in the bible it says it is wrong and i understand completely that God intended for men and women to marry each other […]

Do you think that kids today are sexually active at a younger age?

A lot of people are always saying “Oh, kids today are disrespectful and act like sluts.” I am 30 and I think that today’s youth are just as sexually active as my generation and the generation before that. I think that it’s just talked about more. I mean, when I was young we didn’t have…

Which names do u prefer? I’m changing my name via deed poll!?

Hey, my name is Jade and i’m 19!! I’ll give u a small description as a name has to suit someone! Blonde hair, brown eyes, out going, very loving, smiley, and i love my friends and going out. I like the names: Morgan Shaina ( shay-na ) Bailey Any other suggestions would be nice! But […]

U.S. largest Foreign Military Base is in Japan since 1945, when will U.S., leave Japan?

U.S. largest Foreign Military Base is in Japan since 1945, when will U.S., leave Japan? The largest Foreign Military Base of U.S., is in Japan since 1945. When will U.S., leave Japan? Whether U.S., will ever leave Japan? Whether sovereignty of Japan will be ever restored? Why U.S., do not want to leave…

Have you ever realised that both America and Israel are countries which are based on war?

The USA chased away and killed many, nearly all of the native Americans to build up what is called today the United States of Amercia, a democratic country which is supposed to be a paradigm for the rest of the world. Israel, a country which exists only since 1947, got 55% (!!) of the arab […]