Reporting gothic satan loving witch? christians only!?

Christians only answer! no satanics! no more joking! only real christains this gothic freak satan loving worshiper slut comes here to family small town. what can be done who to call? gothic freak talks to children walks around all places talking satan and witchcraft and sex perversions. child welfare and police…

Can I use my foreign driver license to drive in CA while my California driver license is suspended?

Okay, so I got pulled over for a DUI. According to the courts this is my first DUI since I had a previous DUI dismissed. California DMV says that it doesn’t matter if the first one was dismissed in court and that to their knowledge, and systems, this is my second DUI. Therefor my California […]

Before the Internet was this kind of news about Islam available?

18 Years ago there were 36 million Internet users. Today there are 2.4 billion ( (88% are non-Muslims). -1/29/07 Daily Telegraph UK: 40% of Muslims, ages 16 to 24, want Sharia law; 13% admire al-Qaeda; 36% believe apostates should be executed; 75% believe that women should…

If some Black women are so bothered by black men dating other races then get your damn act together!…Agree?

I’m not even a black man and I am bothered by some black womens Angry attitudes. Some black women are so out of touch with reality that it saddens me. NOT ALL BLACK MEN are attracted to white women but I’m sure they just want to see black women more in touch with their culture […]

Is there really a scientific consensus on AGW, or is “scientific consensus” just an attention-getter?

Maybe the ‘consensus’ is just within the group of scientists who support the idea. Here’s a link showing many scientists who disagree with the entire notion of agw. Below are a few examples. What do you think of their…