I hav a prob with my gf, i wasnt there 4 her last night and idk wat to do cay any1 help me pleaseeeee?

Last night i was having the worst night. So my girlfriend calls me and talks to me and i had my cell taken away so i called her from my brothers cell and talked to her 4bout 15 mins. I told her i had to go and i said “ilysm baby bye” and she always […]

What are the prettiest names for girls and hottest names for boys?

Here are some that I like already: GIRL NAMES: Angelique Choiseu Belle, Autumn, Jade, Aura, Selena, Serena, Brianna, Bree, Rosalie, Mikayla, Kayley, Victoria, Colette, Vanessa, Rebecca, Rachel, Christina, Sarah, Skye, Belle, Claire, Audrey, Elizabeth, Emma, Amber, Clara, Lily, Moira, Cecily, Alice, Lindsay,…

Im almost 19 years old and my parents still wont let me do everything i want..?

Im the youngest of 3 kids and my parents still treat me like im about 15. I have a boyfriend and im not allowed to spend the night with him and my parents dont want me coming home too late and stuff like that. Ive told them im 18 almost 19 and im an adult […]