Why wouldn’t my husband drink the fresh juice I made specially for him?

I squeezed it from a freshly prepared papaya which was only slightly swollen and oozy…the juice was really fresh and I made it thinking of him, but he really hurt my feelings by not at least tasting it. So, I decided to give it to my neighbor instead. At least he appreciated it. It’s not […]

Where was the harsh judgement of George Bush in 2000 and 2004?

Why was there not enough harsh criticism of his not existent intellect the way there was criticism for sarah palin. She was attacked more harshly and aggressively for her lack of intellect and experience than bush was in 2000 and even in 2004. Even Bill Maher was not as harsh on him on bush’s lies. […]

Do fundimentalist Christian parents really think that by keeping thier children ignorant of how human?

Reproduction works, they are keeping them away from sex? Why are they so anti information? Don’t tell me that they don’t do this. I have dealt with teens who have very little info on this who come from home schooled fundimentalist christian homes. Why not give them information that may keep them…

Atheists, if someone gave you a FREE gift, what would be so hard about accepting it?

Now, I know I cannot convince you the Bible is true and I am not even going to try but why are so many atheists against the very concept of the free gift of salvation? I’m not talking about salvation itself, but the fact that the salvation is FREE.