Is it okay that the UN wants to give away half of California to the Abujans, who currently live in Colombia?

The Abujans are Native Americans. The group’s Holy book, the Abuja, mentions that their ancient Holy Land is in the southern area of California, roughly extending from Los Angeles down to the Mexican border. There are some Abujans (a very small number, perhaps 2-10%) that live in Southern California now, in…

Does anyone know of a good budget accommodation in Kowloon HK with a price of $20 or less PER PERSON? ?

Preferably in Tsim Sha Tsui area. We already booked at Kowloon New Hostel located along nathan road but i recently read some nasty comments. just want to have other options in case the comments remain to be true when we get there. doesnt matter if i have to cancel my booking and lose the 10% […]

Why are security guards standing around near the metro train rail, watching people?

I am in Los Angeles… And I saw one security guard standing near the train rail…. for hours…. Watching us. Are they protecting the metro train rail? or watching to see if anybody will jump in front of the train? Well if someone jumps in front of the train, they will be a sandwich…. too […]

Do you Mormons believe that God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost were always God?

Do you believe that they had no beginning? Or do you believe that only God the Father had no beginning? And one more question: do you believe in the never ending punishment of hell, or you believe that hell will last “only” for 1000 years, and then people from hell will go to the Telestial […]