How do I get my stressed-out, antisocial old cat used to my new, very rambunctious kitten?

About 2 months ago my mom got a new, male kitten. She kept him in her room for a few weeks, and for about a week would very briefly expose him to the old cat, a 3 or so year old female who tends to be hostile to anyone new, human or animal (she growls […]

GIRLS: Do girls ever go with nerds and geeks? Meaning do nerds ever get hot wives, or is that only jocks?

Meaning i am like a nerd, i wear glasses, skinny, getting top grades in my classes, devoted to my studies, play sports, but I am also kinda nervous around girls…and it seems that girls at my age (19) dont like guys like me….nerds….do nerds ever settle in their life with sweet girls or even hot […]

Bill Clinton, George Bush, an old woman, and a pretty young woman were in a room in the white house when…..?

The lights suddenly went out. In the pitch black room you can hear a loud SMACK! When the lights come back on, Clinton has a red handprint on his face. The young woman thinks to herself: “Bill must have reached for me, and touched the old woman by mistake. He deserved to be slapped by […]