Is secret service protection granted to presidential candidates?

If you read this article about Bobby Kennedy’s assassination, it says that candidates were given protection, but when and how much might be offered? So, do all the people such as Mitt Romney and Michelle Bashman, etc. have SS protection now? I…

Republicans: Are you disappointed the Indiana GOP have withdrawn a Bill for drug testing welfare recipients?

Because a Democrat Rep amended the Bill to include mandatory testing of all Lawmakers as well? QUOTE: “A Republican member of the Indiana General Assembly withdrew his bill to create a pilot program for drug testing welfare applicants Friday after one of his Democratic colleagues amended the measure to…

Baby Trend Phantom Jogger Stroller – which car seat?

I love the positive reviews for the Baby Trend Phantom Jogger Stroller, but am discouraged by the reviews for the Baby Trend Phantom Infant Car Seat. I am somewhat confused cos the Baby Trend Jogger Travel System has great reviews – I assumed it’s the stroller and car seat mentioned earlier, sold as a set….

Should I be worried that my Girlfriend is too hot for me?

2 Weeks ago, I miraculously was able to get this beautiful girl that I’ve like for a while to be my girlfriend. She’s amazing, smart, athletic, and a lot of guys have been trying to win her heart for a long time. The only problem is, that she’s ridiculously gorgeous, and I’m just barely an […]