What will the Palin/McCain ticket do now that Fox News (online) has called Palin a liar?

Fox News Palin’s claim that Obama’s association with Ayers “hasn’t been talked about” is not true. Obama was questioned about Ayers during a prime-time Democratic debate against Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton before April’s Pennsylvania primary. Obama adviesr Robb Gibbs told FOX News that Palin is inflating the…

Having problems with Microsoft 2007 Power Point!!?

So recently I have purchased a new laptop and the 2007 microsoft student-teacher edition program and installed…..everything has been great until recently…..I use power point allot to study for exams….I make slide shows and then study…..okay here’s the problem…when im running the slide show I like to…

What celebrities do you think are quite attractive who everyone thinks is ugly?

For me they are Jennifer Aniston. I think she has average beauty but some people think she looks like a man with long hair Mariah Carey, I think she is really pretty. She looks like she still in her 20’s but some people say she looks like an alien. Heidi Montag. Even though it looks […]

Is hitting civilians at UN school an act of self defense?

Israel strikes UNRWA schools at Gaza claiming that It’s an act of self defense, and as they used Hamas as their scape goat by saying that they were hiding their militants inside of the building, the UN condemned this after wise and said that they called the Israeli authorities and told them that they were […]

How can I connect to my other Facebook account with yahoo mail?

I had a Facebook account and I delete it and open a new one, now when I want login to yahoo with my new Facebook account it show this massage: “Sorry, this Yahoo! account is already connected to another Facebook account. Please sign in again with a different Yahoo! account to complete the connection….