Why do so many christians repeatedly post blatant untruths about science?

From an answer posted earlier ( http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090821214851AA2DqJz ) “The Laws of science according to science states they were always there and cannot be change. Evolution states it is always there and nothing exploded and made everything. That is extremely unscientific be…

Why are there so many similarities between Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler?

– When they speak, their supporters fall into a hypnotic trance. most of their supporters had NO IDEA about their true intentions and what they truly believe in. – both were socialists who had their own logos. – Hitler had the S.A. to do his dirty work and Joseph Goebbels to spread his propaganda/ lies. […]

Since Harry Reid, the majority leader of the Senate has refused to allow any of the 36 jobs bills?

To be considered by the Senate should Obama demand Reid’s removal from office? Harry Reid said in January that he would not pass any bills to help the economy so he could blame Republicans and that is what him and Obama are doing now, so why are people unable to see why our country is […]

Would you make an anonymous call to a police dept?

Suppose a stranger online offered to pay you (via paypal) to call the police and report a crime anonymously. The person claims that if he/she reports the crime (relatively petty- say drug posession or driving without a license, not murder or rape) the person being reported will know and kills/hurt him/her. He/she…