How can Christians say that our existence is proof of their god?

There are so many creation stories with different Gods creating us, so is our existence proof of all creator Gods? And is our existence also proof of abiogenesis or the big bang? Or can we then also say, our existence is proof of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? All of these things explain our creation, why…

Don’t you think Indian marriage system of arranged marriage should be abolished ?

How can you marry person whom you have met only on few occasions ? I am going through horrible experiences currently. I am thinking as if I am a commodity and guys and their parents are luring me because of their wealth and prosperity which is my last priority. What are your views ?

Are you guys actually comparing C.Ronaldo to Kaka?

This is a joke. Just because he’s cocky and does some useless fancy footwork doesn’t mean he is the best player. Tell me one thing that C.Ronaldo has done that Kaka hasn’t done better. Kaka has won the World Cup, Uefa Champions League, Uefa Super Cup, Fifa Club World Cup. Has C.Ronaldo done any of […]

Why do people let fascists like the Parents Television Council decide what to put on TV on not?

Http:// i thought America was a free country? shouldn’t people like that it in jail or something? or at list get a decent beating by even free man woman and especially child it’s our rights as parents to decide what they can watch or not some fascist Advocacy…

My ex says she loves me, shes 6 months pregnant and has a bf but wants me, shall i try get her back?

She told me the other day she loved me still before she fell pregnant but didnt realise i loved her still. we all work together but her bf doesnt know me and her are texting, we split a year ago, she went back to her previous bf who she came over from poland with 4 […]