2007: Cheney warns of Iran nukes; 2009: Obama opens a dialogue with Iran; 2012: Iran still building nukes?

Can we complete this timeline: October 2012: Obama starts war with Iran to “end their nuke program” just in time to boost his popularity for the election…. Is this why Obama failed to take effective action against Iran’s nukes for 2 and a half years? And he will CONTINUE to fail for 3 years?

Are Aboriginals living on-reserve able to access private-financing for a home?

I heard that it’s very difficult to have a mortgage on a home on-reserve because the Canadian federal government owns the land/home, which is one factor that kind of perpetuates the poor housing situation as people cannot buy a house on their own. Can anyone expand on this? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Will House Republicans ever vote on a jobs-related bill, or just futilely vote to repeal Obamacare every day?

This is a serious question…they blocked Obama’s multi-pronged Jobs Bill several months ago, so what have they been doing to help? It seems like they spend all day every day voting either to restrict abortion or to repeal a law that was passed by both houses of Congress and then upheld by the Supreme Court….