How is wasting $215 billion tax payer dollars on failed companies?

Good for America? How is unemployment above 8.1% for 43 months in a row after taking it at 7.6% a good thing? How is shipping over a 100,000+ jobs over seas good for our country? How is giving away $450 million in tax payer dollars to people who cant “death to America” help America? How […]

Do (traditional) Native American Canadians Home School their children and other questions?

1. Are they approachable. i mean do they mix with other ppl or is ther a limit to contact. i have never seen an aboriginal before, so this is why i ask. and i am not speaking of the extremel modernized ones i am speaking of the traditional or semi traditional indians. 2. do their […]

Do Jehovah’s Witnesses have rites of passage &/or restrictions?(ex. Dietary)?

I’m doing a project and I need to know what Jehovah’s Witnesses rites of passages are and, if any, the restrictions that come with being a Witness. Like dietary or clothing restrictions for example.. Also if you can answer this too. Are there different roles for women and men, or is it basically the same?