Is the New World Order/ Illuminazis 666 starting up the 4th rite preparing for Satan’s rule?

Is the New World Order of the Ages / Illuminazi 666 a underworld Satanic mafia setting up a 4th rite spiritually the same as the Nazis 3rd rite during world war II? Where the Nazis in Germany held in spiritual bondage to witchcraft / demonic forces like the New World Order of the Ages with […]

Why is SLAYER’s ‘Reign in Blood’ overrated?

The people who say Reign in Blood is overrated should think again. Just because of the praise and insane popularity it has does not denote it overrated. The perfect thrash album in my books. Muscianship, tempo, riffs, production, song writing etc. Even the length of the album is golden, not long and boring. It…

How do i get on youtube? I am using a school computer at home an it is blocked, any help would b appreciated?

So this year my school bought a bunch of MacBook Air Laptops by apple, they blocked youtube so i started using for my music, now its blocked…we payed $100 at the start of the year so we could bring the laptops home with us until the end of the year. But i have no […]

Jehovahs Witnesses,does the Watchtower Society claim to be Inspired Prophets?

Please read the following quote before answering: “Whom has God actually used as his prophet?…. Jehovah’s witnesses are deeply grateful today that the plain facts show that God has been pleased to use them…. Jehovah thrust out his hand of power and touched their lips and put his words in their…