Christians: Do you ever wonder why atheists don’t generally pick on pagans, wiccans & certain other religions?

Could this be because pagans, wiccans, etc…generally don’t condemn people of other lifestyles, they don’t preach their faith at others, and they don’t try to convert everyone they meet? Could it be because they are faithful to what they actually believe, instead of picking and choosing what’s…

Car overheating; Hoses, thermostat, fan relay switch/heat sensor, and radiator all new?

Yes car is overheating. 1998 honda civic ex 1.6L vtec auto trans 178,000 miles My car is over heating and pushing coolant into the reservoir. This happens because I think maybe that the fan switch/relay and or thermostat heat sensor might be acting up. The fan turns on for 15seconds and then turns off. It […]

Anybody there ?? Hello !! Regarding the three white men falsely accused of raping the “stripper”.?

Where are the stripper and the civil rights leaders now ..that need to apologize for ruining the lives of the three Duke Lacross players HELLOOO wake up America..No fairness at all, what is good for the goose is good for the gander..As I said before…. POWER trip!!!