How to become cashier supervisor or grocery clerk supervisor?

Many job posting for cashier supervisor jobs ask for 1 to 2 years of supervisory work experience. How can someone who does not have this experience(starting from bottom) work their way up to the supervisory position? I have bachelor’s degree in business and took lots of courses related to supervision, but I…

Do you think its bad when employers hire inexperienced veterans over experienced people?

I read a story where a significant amount of people in my hometown were boosted out of their jobs to make room for veterans. I dont think this is right. Yes, they served our country and im proud of them for that. But they shouldnt get special treatment outside of the Government. Most of these […]

Would you take in your 13 year old cousin if she was headed to foster care?

I am trying to gather as much information as possible. If you had a cousin going into foster care, would you step up and take her in? Some general family info – We (hubby and I) are in our 30s with two boys ages 3, and 6. Money is – for lack of a better […]