What would you do if squatters moved into your neighborhood?

This is a new epidemic in many Cities & Towns with a high foreclosure rate & many empty & abandoned homes are sitting in shambles with homeless & others living in them illegally & without permission of the the bank or mortgage holders or City Council. So, what would you do if your neighborhood had […]

If USA is such a great society with vast opportunity why does it have the worlds largest Prison population?

The worlds largest Jailed & Prison populations. Plus the wealthy & privileged few who commit criminal economic treasonous acts against their fellow several generational American citizens never face prosecution. Example is the Federal govt supplying & subsidizing immigrant cheap labor supply citizenship grants…

Do computers store browsing history even after deleting temporary internet files?

So one can go to “tools -> internet options” then delete files, delete cookies, and clear history..however, are there more ways one can see browsing history? I delete mine about once a week, just so hackers don’t look into my passwords and websites. However, I wonder if they stay on my computer…

In a divorce, the ex wife was court ordered to get the husbands name off of her car loan?

The ex wife has messed up the ex husbands credit because she doesn’t make her car payments on time. It is a court order for her to take his name off of this but since the bank won’t refinance her because she doesn’t make payments on time, what , if anything can be done about […]