Is there anything that McCain’s experience as a POW doesn’t explain away?

You know, when a country prints too much money, the money becomes cheap and devalued. The same is true for exploiting the same old stories & excuses over and over until they become crass, even if they are honorable and noble to begin with. It’s even worse when your stories cheapen and devalue the experiences […]

Altima shakes during idle and while driving. Service engine light comes on and then goes away?

Hi. I have a 2003 Nissan Altima with about 93,000 miles on it. About a month ago, I turned the engine on and the entire car started shaking. The check engine light was blinking. There was no noise, just shaking. I noticed that as I sat there with the car in park, the RPM was […]

How can I keep safe while out for a night with newly found friends?

I am going out with a few friends that i have recently met at university. It will be my birthday party and everyone is planning on buying me drinks and partying until dawn. I do not know these people too well, although I’m friends with them, of course I do not fully trust them yet. […]

Aint israelis doing the same thing hitler did to them ?

Killing the muslims in palestine. You’d think after they suffered from the holocaust they’d know how it feels and wouldn’t want other people to suffer like they have done. It doesn’t have to involve concentration camps and same killing methods as the nazis did for it to be a holocaust they use…