What would happen if North Korea and the US declared a nuclear war and attacked?

I’m writing a book and it is based in the future 100 years after the nuclear war is over, so my question or rather my three questions are; how much damage would occur to the land, could anyone survive, and could the countries move (may sound ridiculous but in the past two countries were physically […]

Car loan through credit Union? Do you need to tell them the car you are buying already?

We are looking into getting a car loan through credit union, since we heard they have a lower interest rate. How does it work, does it work like a normal loan they give you the money in the form of a check or cash? do they need to know what car you are getting already? […]

Would Obama attack Iran if they are close to getting nuclear weapons? Obama would just talk to them. Right?

I want to vote for good old Barack. He’s so nice. I just want to make sure that he would never pull a George Bush and order the invasion of a country to prevent them from getting nuclear weapons. Iran is just a small country compared to the old Soviet Union. The Iranians are just […]

HELP! Need advice.. should we move into house on busy road or stay put? We have a baby on the way…?

Ok So my husband and I have a huge dilemma… we have been house hunting off and on for the past 2 years. Most recently, when we found out that I am expecting our first child (due in April), we started looking for a house more aggressively. The past 6 months we have not been […]