Should a neo-nazi organization be permitted to palm itself off as a religion?

I just ran a google check on something called Asatru and it turns out in this country one of it’s founders is the self-described neo-nazi fascist intellectual Michael Moynihan,who edits a Asatru journal called RUNES. It’s basically a follow-up to Heinrich Himmler’s attempts to revive the the ancient…

John walker Lindh VS OJ Simpson. Americans forgave John and he betrayed his country?

How can that be that you show so much rage when OJ gets into trouble but not to someone who betray you. John walker Lindh the American Taliban fighting against Americans. Of course you will make it easy on him and say he was just 20 and a misguided kid right? its always like that […]

Catholic faith, past evil/ current good/ dogmatic refusal to accept science. What should I do?

I was raised Catholic. I never really questioned it for the most part, but my family wasn’t very religious. My boyfriend is more strictly Catholic, and has been to Medjugorje, which he found to be very inspiring. I became interested in the history of the Church after he went there, but what I have found […]

What are the real odds that nuclear war will destroy all civilization?

To me it doesn’t seem very likely. If a nuclear exchange happens, it will be between just two countries, and even then probably to only a few strategic cities. I don’t see why it would escalate to every nation in the world. It’s not as if it’s a cafeteria food fight. Certainly world economy…

Will you be attending the Ron Paul Revolution March in Washington DC this summer? An event so HUGE, even the mainstream media can’t ignore it. A march for FREEDOM, PROSPERITY AND PEACE. A demand for a REAL REVOLUTION in Washington a couple of changes isnt going to do it we need a Revolutionary canidate like Ron Paul to change Washington.

In 2006 Democrats said they would lower gasoline prices, improve the economy, and bring the troops home? So?!?

Have Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Democrats elected in the majority of BOTH houses improved Americans lives? Within two years have they stopped the war, improved the economy, and lowered the gasoline prices as promised in their campaign promises? My take is they lied about the war and troops, the economy is…

Buy Or Sell: Hip Hop NOW, is better than it was 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago?

Basically stating that, contradictory to popular belief, Hip Hop now is better than it’s ever been. Not equal, not evolved, not “dormant” or whatever other metaphor some people like to come up with (Hip Hop is in a coma), but BETTER. This is an opinion I may or may not personally have, but Omagus’ answer […]