Why aren’t the Palestinians absorbed into and given citizenship in the arab hinterlands they occupy?

I’m sure this question has been asked before, but I must ask it for myself. Why in the world won’t the massive arab countries surrounding Israel inculcate and legitimize the Palestinians instead of keeping them at arms length? When over 500,000 jews were kicked out of arab countries both before and after…

Spiritually speaking, if everyone else was gone from your office and you were supposed to close shop…..?

And the day looked like it was going to remain dead and R&S was starting to slow down a bit, would you just shut down shop and go home? or should i sit here for two more hours in the off chance that a Hooters girl wanders in and is in need of engineering work?

What would you name 7 boys and 7 girls using these names….?

Name 7 girls and 7 boys using these uncommon old english names 🙂 —– Girls —– Amabel, Amice, Anastasia, Anstice, Appelin, Arabell, Argent, Audriell, Aveline, Avis, Beatrice, Beatrix, Bethia, Blanch, Cecily, Christabel, Clarimond, Colette, Constance, Damaris, Dorcas, Edith, Effery, Elspeth, Esther, Eunice,…

Help with self harming lying sicko??? – read before judging that statement?

Don’t take me the wrong way – I believe that people that self harm need help but the one person (26 year old male) that i know that self harms sent my 17 year old daughter photos by text of him self harming – he was charged under the telecommunications act but he wont stop […]

What can we do to make the government tell us the truth about UFOs and life on other planets?

We the citizens of the united states of America deserve to know all information that is known to our government. what good is the freedom of information act ? There is a lot more info that the government is not telling us. Its about time the president came out in the open with this stuff. […]