Why do Asian and Indian women in the US get so upset when they see men of their background dating interracial?

When they themselves do it? Where I live it is not uncommon to see Indian (India, you can consider them Asian) and Asian women date men of various backgrounds, a lot of them do tend to date White guys and I have no problem with it. Now a lot of Indian and Asian guys here […]

Brain Damage: Old memories retained, new information not- What part of the limbic system is damaged?

A patient known as H.M., while undergoing brain surgery, suffered accidental brain damage. After the surgery, while he retained all of his old memories, he could no longer make new ones. H.M. could not retain new information for more than about 30 seconds. What part of his limbic system was…

85 Year old woman gets arrested and imprisoned for using her freedom of speech by shouting at a Mosque?

Whilst 2 Islamic black men mow down an innocent British soldier with their car , and then behead him on a British street whilst justifying it from verses in the Koran, it takes the police 20 minutes to get to the scene and they only shoot the killers when they attack them. Double standards. The […]