I am a black woman and I give up on black men unless someone comes along and proves me wrong. Your opinion?

I hate that I feel this way because I would love to have some beautiful chocolate, brown skinned, or dark chocolate babies. But I’m officially giving up on black men. Reason #1: Most of them are products of society’s twisted logic. They conform to stereotypes. For some black men, it’s who they really…

Why Muslims do not allow Christians to visit Mecca?../ Why they do not let Christian mens marry Muslim womens?

I am very interested to know that why Muslim allow to take Christian women as their wives but do not give their women to other religions? I feel like they all are like me me me…. I mean is that I feel like they only want Muslims to live in the world…. But why this […]

I was offered a car with 170K miles on it, but it has a new engine, clutch, and alternator- good deal or no?

I’m a first time buyer, and the car is a Ford Focus-it’s a stick. I just don’t want to make a bad decision, but he is offering the car at 3995 AND offering a 36,000 mile, 3 year warranty. I don’t want to be cheated, so please answer truthfully-I would appreciate it very much!

My fiance is going to the club when he promised me he never would?

Before he went to Basic Training, we talked about our lives while he was at his duty station. He told me that he would never go out to the clubs, go to parties, get drunk, or anything like that. He told me he doesn’t even like mass crowds of people, that he was just going […]