Even online I cant multi-date.Why? is it just cultural or psychological?

In Ireland where I’m from we dont multi-date as in when you start seeing a girl you dont date anyone else..its a given.I dont live in Ireland anymore and have met an American online that is interested to meet me by flying to see me and we are emailing and phoning.I feel like stopping contact […]

Do Y!A liberals agree with Bill Maher that Obama is over-exposed and needs to stop acting like a rock star?

Http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-maher12-2009jun12,0,7966784.story ‘President Obama should just join the cast of “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” It’s not that farfetched; he’s been on everything else. I’m still a fan, but there’s a fine line…

Does answers ever block an ip address of abusive users who are trolling ?

I’m getting pretty tired of these trolls on the answers forum community because they are wasting bandwidth and they are spamming and trashing the community and the site. Recently, there is this case of this kid who got expelled from school and now is sitting at home trashing the answers community, he trashes…

Water/Earth signs seems less emotional than Fire/Air Signs?

– Observe that (My Scorpio nature) quite often Water and Earth signs seems more in control than Air and Fire signs. -My experience I had a conversation with an Aquarius and they were more deep than I was. So emotional as well, I myself don’t go crazy I mean water and earth signs have emotions […]