Is the collision center responsible if they repaired my car but later I have problems with the repair.?

On September 5,2012 my son was driving me to work in my 2007 Nissan Sentra when it was hit by a Chevy Trailblazer making an illegal turn. My car was damaged on the front drivers side, the impact was so hard it knocked the car to the other side of the street it bent the […]

How do I ask my sister to pay me a little to photograph her wedding?

I’m a budding photographer and I asked my sister if she wanted me to photograph her wedding. Unfortunately she had just booked her photographer and paid a $350 non-refundable payment, so she was just going to pay her the rest of the $2500 + tax and get her to do them, which wasn’t a problem. […]

The big four of progressive rock: Floyd, Genesis, King Crimson, or Yes?

Who do you prefer, and why? I love to hear other people’s opinions occasionally, so what do you think? My favorite, at the moment, is King Crimson, but it’s bound to change. BQ: Favorite songs by these bands? BQ2: Least favorite of the four? BQ3: Madonna beats Lady Gaga, right?

A Ministers perspective of Civil Rights for Gays. Should it Spread beyond Cali?

We need to learn to be open minded enough to discuss this issue based on rational grounds. I do not feel that homosexuality is a manifestation of a deficit in character or emotional or mental ability. A person who is gay or has gay tendencies may have been “wired” differently from birth. I know this […]